Our fleet is fully insured and complemented with our knowledgeable and dedicated team members trained to deliver the best service from the moment you step in until the time of your drop off. Whether you are booking a group day tour of the island or a private transfer with us, our team will surely make your experience memorable.

We have several vehicles brought in specifically to cater for the needs of our esteemed guests. Individual VIP Transfers, Standard Transfers & Chauffeur-Driven.

We can additionally outsource or book specific vehicles either by land, air or sea based on your requirements and availability. We do all the worry to ensure that you have a seamless stay with us.

The islands are located some distance from each other, therefore there are different options to move around and hop from one island to the other.

Seychelles transfers
Transfers by land

A reliable transfer is a necessity especially in our little corner, now combine that with a touch of comfort in the privacy of your chauffeur- driven car and you have yourself a great start to your holiday. Pick your date and time, we will be there.

Seychelles transfers
Transfers by air

Travel at your own pace, choose where you want to go and we will advise how to get there with minimum hassle and waiting time.

Seychelles transfers
Transfers by sea

If you are fortunate with time on your hands, unwind and inhale the salty spray of lapping waves while you journey to your destination at a relaxed pace.