Loving your person for a lifetime starts with two very simple but impactful words - I Do

Every second of happiness, every single drop of rain, every slight crack of thunder - I Do

Beneath each individual star inhabiting the skies - I Do


Palm tree kiss
Let us be a part of the 1st chapter of your beautiful journey together

We offer different options of personalised weddings designed to make your day just that little bit extra.

  • Romantic Beach Nuptial
  • Beach Wedding Picnic
  • Garden Weddings
  • Wilderness Weddings
  • Traditional Church Weddings
  • Weddings & Sailing
  • Weddings & Extras
  • Mock Weddings
Want to customise an itinerary?

Of course every person is unique and we are happy to tailor your wedding according to your specific needs. Our services include the reservation of luxurious getaway properties for the duration of your stay where you may benefit with additional specials.